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Practical Magic to See Your Life + Business Dreams Come to Life, Faster Than You Can Imagine

If you ever wished you could make all the money you need by giving your gifts, or you are ready to take your existing business to the next level ... join me to map out the exact next steps you need to take to create the future reality you want. I’m taking you through the step-by-step process I’ve used repeatedly with myself and my clients to create exponential growth  -- combining magic + practical action to fast track your results and bring your dreams into reality sooner than you thought possible!
We call it practical magic ... manifestation in action

Virtual Workshop

My mentor took me through this very same process when I started my first business (back in 2003!), and even though I knew nothing about business at the time, by 2006 I had built a million dollar law firm.

And, here's what was so cool: when I looked back at the end of the year after I first did the vision mapping, pretty much everything I had mapped to happen in 3 years had happened in just 1 year!

Since then, I've used this vision mapping process repeatedly with myself and my clients, and
I'm consistently amazed -- because it works every time. Off the charts personal and professional growth.

Most recently, I used this vision mapping process to take my company 
from a $250,000 valuation to a $15,745,000 valuation, just three years later. 

Now, I want to share this powerful vision mapping process with you, so you can make the next year of your life and business the most impactful and powerful you’ve ever had.

You likely already know this ... it's time to do things differently than you've ever have before. Clearly, our old systems are breaking down (individually and collectively) and it's going to be up to each of us to shift from what hasn't been working, and create what does.

It's time for you to step into your next level leadership, which requires clarity, vision, the right investments of your time, energy, attention and money ...

And, I'm giving you the best of what I have to help you do just that with this powerful vision mapping process.

CLARITY IS EVERYTHING! If you have big dreams, please say yes to joining me so you can be as clear as possible with where you want to be.

If you have a service you believe in and you know makes a meaningful impact in the world, let's start next year with a clear vision, commitment and the action steps to create the best possible future for yourself, your family, and those in your community.

What's going on "out there" is definitely not your fault, but you do have a huge responsibility right now to do everything you can to step into your next level leadership.

Listen, most of us weren’t taught to dream… let alone how to plan out the actions necessary or put the structures in place to move beyond where we are. And, yet, now more than ever -- we MUST think bigger.

That’s how it was for me in the beginning… I longed to make a difference with my work, and to earn a great living doing it, but I didn't know HOW ... until this vision mapping process showed me the way. And, then, repeatedly showed me exactly how to create my next level. I'm so excited to share it with you!

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Back in 2004, I decided to start my own law practice even though I didn’t know anything about business… I left the security of the 6-figure paycheck I had been earning, left behind the hour-long commute each way, and started my own business.

It was scary because I was the breadwinner in my family, my husband was a stay-at-home dad, my daughter was 4, and my son had just been born.

They were counting on me, and I could not fail! I just dove head first so it was sink or swim!

I had a service I knew was valuable that I wanted to share in the world but I didn’t have a clear vision or plan around how to build a real-deal successful business around it.

Fortunately, “when the student is ready, the teacher appears,” and a mentor showed up to guide me.

This mentor took me through the strategic vision planning process I'm going to share with you, and I was able to get crystal clear on exactly what I was doing, what I wanted my law practice to look like, and how I wanted it to grow.

Here’s what was crazy … pretty much everything I put on my 3-year vision map happened in ONE year, even though I definitely did not work on all the things I had put on that plan.

It was like MAGIC!

Except it wasn’t magic… it was practical magic --  the power of vision, clarity & manifestation along with a mapping process for strategic, practical action.
Thanks to the vision mapping process, I had made my first million of revenue by year 3 of my business, and now, as a result of my refinement of this process, many of my clients are able to do it in just 18 months - that's what happens when we get to learn from others who have already done what we want to do, and been where we are.

But, listen, whether you want a million dollar business, or even just a 6-figure practice that generates a consistent cash flow and gives you plenty of free time… or you just want to get your first business off the ground...

I invite you to join me for this  3-hour workshop to get absolutely clear on your vision for the next 3 years and plan the actions that will enable you to make that vision a reality FAST!
When you attend you will:
  • See the 3-year vision for your life and business with crystal clarity, including the income you make, the impact you create, the team you build, and the lifestyle you live.
  • Map the exact actions and process to fast track your 3 year vision into reality.
  • Knowing exactly where to focus your time, energy, attention and money over the next 90 days to create the highest return on investment of your resources and bring your vision into reality easier and faster than you think possible.
  • ​Stop wasting your time on “busy” tasks and instead focus on the high leverage activities that move you forward.
  • ​Receive 3 simple strategies to triple the likelihood of you accomplishing your goals and turning your vision into your real life. Most of the people who have applied this strategic vision planning process in their life and business see their dreams come true in just one year, as a result of using this process.
  • ​Learn a proven-to-work process to use when you feel stuck, overcome all challenges, get back on the horse when you fall off, so you are able to keep moving forward. 
When you say “yes” to yourself and our collective future by joining me for this 3-hour interactive workshop, you’ll get access to the online experience with me, PLUS you'll have the recording afterwards, so you can refer to it again and again, and even use with your spouse, kids, best friends or chosen family.

When you complete the workshop, you’ll have a clear vision of what you want your next 3 years to look like plus a solid 90-day action plan of what to do, when, in order to bring your vision into reality, over the next 90-days.
So if you’re ready to step into your next level of leadership and create a quantum leap in your life and business click the button and register now. 

I'm so sure this is going to work for you that I'm even removing ALL THE RISK. 

Pretty much everyone I've taken through this 3-year strategic planning process has said to me a year later "Wow, Ali, everything I imagined would happen in 3 years happened in just this one year!" 

When you go through the process yourself and get the clarity you need, this will be your best year yet ... I guarantee it!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you complete this workshop and don’t have clarity of vision and your next steps to create the future you want to see in the world, simply email my team at support@eyeswideopenlife.com and we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked. I know this process will work for you when you show up and engage and I stand behind it. There’s literally no risk for you to join in, so click the button and register now. Your work in the world is worth it.

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