Entrepreneurs, Founders, Small Business Owners, Creatives and Service-Based Professionals ...

LIFT: Legal, Insurance, Financial and Tax Systems 
You Know You Need, But No One Ever Really Taught You ... 

(If you are ready to stop pretending you understand or that you are too small to understand, or
that you don't need to understand because you've got advisors to handle it for you, and
step into your Eyes Wide Open power by understanding the business systems that create TRUE wealth ... 
you've found what you need, read on and enroll in LIFT today )

You have a sneaking suspicion you may be building skyscrapers on quicksand ... and probably are.
Legal, Insurance, Financial and Tax Systems are the 4 pillars of a solid foundation. Without them ... well, you know what's coming, you just don't know when.

Maybe you think you don't need them “yet”, or get overwhelmed by it all because you don’t really know what we don’t know or think "LIFT" systems don't generate revenue (one of the biggest misconceptions ever)

Maybe you think you don't have time ... but that's a lie because it will cost you way more time to clean up expensive messes down the road (trust me, I've paid the price on this one) ... 

The truth is, you just don't know what you don't know  ... 

And that's okay, because now you can and I'm making it as easy as possible for you, with literally everything you need.

And, hey, “adulting” is REALLY fun, because you don’t have to walk around feeling uncertain, confused or even stupid about it all. Instead, you'll feel CONFIDENT, WISE and WEALTHY!

Because not having the systems and structures to support your income leads to one of two things…

#1: Your business never grows to the level you want because you lack the systems and structure to support it…

#2: You grow very quickly without putting the systems in place and then it ends up costing you tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, (or in my case over a million dollars!), on things that could have easily and inexpensively been handled if you only knew ahead of time.


My name is Ali Katz and before becoming a founder/CEO myself, I was a lawyer. In fact, still am, though I very rarely work with private clients these days. Instead, I am the Founder/CEO of a 4x Inc. 5000, 8-figure company that trains lawyers on how to serve families and business owners with the very LIFT systems I will teach you in the LIFT Foundation Systems Training Program.

You see, most financial advisors, lawyers, bookkeepers, and CPAs simply haven't learned how to truly serve YOU -- their clients -- due to a failure of our financial services and legal industries that I am now working to repair.

I graduated first in my class from Georgetown Law in 1999, and after working at one of the best law firms in the country - Munger, Tolles & Olson (Charlie Munger's law firm), I left to start-up my own solo law practice, which became a 7-figure law practice, inventing an entirely new law practice model along the way.

I sold my law practice, wrote a best-selling book on legal planning for families, appeared on all the top television shows, including Good Morning America and the Today Show, before walking away from all of it -- and almost giving up on business altogether --  due to over $1M of really painful (and, frankly, just downright embarrassing) LIFT mistakes that could have easily been avoided had I known what I know now, or had advisors who had been trained to support me properly.

Making so many costly mistakes, losing my business, and burning important relationships drove me to figure out all of the foundational business structures essential for long term impact, income and legacy. 

I invested heavily in myself and my education, interviewed more than one hundred experts across the 4 main fields of legal, insurance, financial and tax -- found the best, learned to sort out who was real and who was not -- and implemented what I learned.
As a result, I returned to business with a commitment to do it right, and rebuilt everything on the right foundation, taking my company from a low 6-figure valuation to over $15 MILLION in less than 3 years, all while making a big impact for our clients, and having more freedom and peace of mind for myself than I’d ever had before.

Along the way I started to do some consulting work for other business owners, from just starting out to multi-million dollar businesses, and what I saw is that they were all in just as much of a mess as I had been when it came to legal, insurance, financial and tax. I got to see intimately behind the scenes of so many businesses as a trusted advisor, and I realized that nobody out there was teaching this stuff really well, all in one place.

Maybe it was all just life’s way of telling me that I had to live it, learn it, and then teach it.
Because I made LIFT systems a priority in my business I’ve built businesses and income I can count on for the long term.
I’ve moved myself out of the scarcity thinking and fear that I had before, and now have the time and money to travel, work from anywhere and enjoy a lot of time with my family.

I feel proud of who I’ve become and am deeply fulfilled by the impact I get to make because of the solid foundation I built to support me, my family, my clients and my work in the world. And, you can have this too, when you truly understand and implement the LIFT systems that are here for you.
Isn’t it time for you to stop playing small? Are you seeing that it’s time for you to wake up, and grow up, so you can show up too?

If so, I invite you to get in the know about what you don’t know -- step into full responsibility, as an adult, and create your business with the systems, structure and foundations you can count on, no matter what.

If this past year has taught us anything, we simply cannot rely on the government, "the system", or a job to provide for us.

It’s up to us to create sovereignty and empower ourselves as leaders, so we can be role models and contribute to our families and society in a meaningful way, no matter what happens "out there".

It’s time for you to take matters into your own hands, and get your foundational life + business structures handled so we can rise, together.

Your family deserves this…. Your work in the world deserves this… The people you serve deserve this... And YOU deserve this!

Certainty, Clarity, & True Confidence You Can Count On

When you don’t have your LIFT structures in place you simply don’t have the container to receive the income you desire, or to invest the money you are making wisely, and ultimately your lack of LIFT will harm your ability to make a truly meaningful impact in the world.

And the longer you go without putting the structures in place to have a “real business”, the more chance imposter syndrome has of creeping in, the louder the internal unease gets, and the harder it is to create the business that truly impacts in the way you want.

The excuses and reasons are plentiful -- not enough time, not enough money, too busy, I can just hire someone else to handle this for me -- but they are lies, Lies, LIES ... and some part of you knows it.

I hear so many people talk about the big business they want to build, the massive impact they want to make in the world, or the huge income and time freedom they want to create… But here’s the thing…
None of those things are possible without a solid foundation of legal, insurance, financial and tax in your business. 

And if you don’t have your solid foundation right now… that’s okay… because I’m going to help you!

* If you’re tired of lacking certainty, clarity and confidence in yourself and your business and you’re ready to create your next level of success by creating a solid business foundation you can trust... 

* If you’re wanting to make the meaningful impact with your work that you feel called to create and generate the consistent cashflow that allows the time and money freedom you desire for yourself…

* And if you’re ready to step into your next level of being an adult, a leader, and the person you are truly proud to be in life and business… then…

I invite you to join me in my LIFT training program where you’ll get the training, guidance and support to get all of your legal, insurance, financial and tax structures set up inside your life and business -- without breaking the bank (in fact LIFT will SAVE YOU MONEY) and without costing you insane amounts of time (in fact LIFT will SAVE YOU TIME) 

It's time to empower yourself to create (and support) more positive impact, enroll more clients, grow a better team, and exponentially grow your income (and assets) all while experiencing more certainty, clarity and confidence in yourself and your business. 

Here’s what you’ll learn, discover and experience when you join me in LIFT…

Build a Solid Foundation and Have a Real Business You Can Trust to Support You for the Long Term.

(Learn the Legal, Insurance, Financial and Tax Systems,
Structures & Support for Your Current Stage of Business Growth)

LIFT is my signature training program where you will learn what you need to know about the business-end of business in a way that shifts you from uncertain, unsteady and inconsistent, to confident, clear and aware.
It will guide you to KNOW what’s necessary to have a rock solid legal foundation in place for your life and business, to get the right insurance protection (without getting ripped off), and to create solid financial systems that maximize the growth of your business on a time frame you can manage.  
You’ll also learn how to implement the most cutting edge, yet also simple-once-you-understand-the-system, tax strategies so you can stop wondering if your CPA is helping you save enough on taxes.
LIFT supports entrepreneurs just like you, in any part of the world, to get a solid business foundation in place so you can truly make the big impact that’s truly fulfilling for you while also creating the exact amount of time, money and location freedom you desire for yourself.

LIFT gives you the underlying deep-level understanding you need to be smart about legal, insurance, financial and tax matters, so you can ask the right questions, at the right time, of the right people … so you can be confident that you are getting the exact right support you need, no matter where in the world you live (and even if you are nomadic).
When you enroll in the LIFT program, you’re going to get the training, education, guidance and mentorship you need to put the right legal, insurance, financial and tax systems in place for your  life and business…
When you do, you’ll have the business structure and systems that support your peace of mind, empower you to fully trust yourself and your decisions, and you will never have to feel dumb, shrink back, or blindly kamikaze your way through business decisions again.
You see, most entrepreneurs, founders, small business owners, and service based professionals know they need the legal, insurance, financial and tax systems for their business, but you've either felt confused by what you actually need, lack the knowledge to implement correctly, or decide to avoid it altogether until it bites you in the booty down the road…
Can you relate to any of that?
If you have, The LIFT Program is for you and my training program will give you everything you need to feel smart about the business end of business, and the legal, insurance, financial and tax systems that will support you to uplevel your income and impact ... for good.

Do the Inner Work to Step Into Your Role as
CEO of Your Life & Business.

(When you believe in yourself and the systems you create, you enjoy more ease, flow and peace of mind -- and you are going to save way more time than you can imagine, when you have the right support -- not having LIFT in your business is COSTING you time right now, and some part of you secretly knows it)

Let’s face it… legal, insurance, financial and tax systems aren’t the “sexy” parts of business to most people. In fact, most business owners either try to get by with the bare minimum or avoid them all together, until a big problem happens.
While it may seem convenient to avoid or just pass the responsibility on to someone else and trust what your CPA or bookkeeper or financial advisor or lawyer tells you  (hello, abdication of leadership), doing it that way will leave you secretly wondering if your business will actually take care of you or if all your hard work could come crumbling down at the first sign of trouble -- and, yes, it can.

It can also leave you with imposter syndrome knowing you don’t really have a “real business” and feeling uneasy about when something bad is going to happen that you’re not prepared for.
And it doesn't have to be this way. I promise!

Getting a true understanding of the LIFT systems, so you can either DIY or get the right support in place for your business can be easier and a whole lot more FUN than you might think, when you approach it from the right mindset and create the time for it.

In fact, getting all of your LIFT systems in place for your business can be easier and save you way more time than you might think, when you approach it from the right mindset - in Module 1, we're going to upgrade your mindset and give you back your time.
Even if you don't want to get to Gates, Robbins or Brunson level in your business - no matter how big you want to grow - or how small (and secure) you want to be ... you need to master your time and your mind. 

And, if I can do it, so can you ... I had the worst, negative, scarcity-based, ungenerous with myself and others mindset you can imagine. I prayed to shift my mindset. I studied all the top "mindset" teachers, and even hired some of them. But I couldn't just make a decision to shift what I now know was a "craptastic mindset" and feel worthy, or release the imposter syndrome, or decide I was good enough. If I could have just done it, I would have.

But, while I love magic and manifestation and all the "woo", I'm still a left-brained lawyer, logical thinker and I needed the practical, grounded understanding of real business to truly be able to trust myself. 

In this first module of LIFT, you’ll learn how I shifted my mindset -- using right-brain magic and manifestation and creativity + left-brain logic, systems and true knowledge I could trust. 

Even better, you'll also learn how I manage my time, so you can free up your time and invest in your self-care, and your relationships, not just your work.
Ali Katz, Kaia Neely, Noah Neely and Todd Neely
Ali Katz, Kids and Ex Husband
  • Learn how to transform your relationship to the business side of business and get your LIFT systems handled even though you may think they’re “not sexy.”
  • ​Take charge of your mindset and your time to achieve any goal you set for yourself, including the implementation of your LIFT systems, and finally be able to relax knowing that you can face whatever comes your way…
  • ​Gain the mindset and ability to respond to ANYTHING that comes your way with ease, grace and equanimity, rather than panic, shame and guilt.
As a single mom of two kids, and the breadwinner of my family, I had to figure out how to master my time as I was building and running my businesses, while at the same time figuring out how to grow up myself. I was only 25 and 29 when my kids were born, so I had a LOT of personal growth to do, as they were growing.

And, I'm not just going to teach you how I mastered my mind, but also how I mastered my time.

Today, thanks to my time and mind mastery, I have the best relationship ever with my kids (and even with their dad - that's all of us at dinner together recently,  even though we got divorced 15 years ago, and believe me you would NOT have expected us to be able to co-parent these kids if you had seen us in the first few years after our divorce) -- and this may be the most important outcome for you of mastering these LIFT systems in your life and business.

After this module you’ll have the mindset and clarity on the structures and systems you need to create the life + business you’ve always wanted. 

And, listen, I am a free spirit kind of gal, and resisted structure for years because I wanted freedom! But I learned to love the structures you’ll learn in this first module of LIFT because it’s within these structures that I found my true freedom and liberation, not just for myself, but for my family as well.

Get The Solid Legal Structures in Place to Have a
“Real-Deal” Business You Can Trust & Rely On

(Learn to Protect Yourself, Your Business & Your Assets, Make Clear Agreements With Employees, Contractors & Clients, and Create Peace of Mind With a Support Structure That Has Your Back No Matter What Happens - DON'T GO THIS ALONE!)

One legal mistake can cost you tens of thousands of dollars, or worse, years of setback, and lost relationships. You don’t have to go to law school to do it right, but you do have to learn what’s shared in the Legal Module of LIFT.
Chances are you are exposed right now because your legal structures simply aren’t dialed in, and you know it, right? That could mean you are at risk of a lawsuit by a team member, clients backing out of agreements and not paying, losing your valuable intellectual property (maybe because you don’t even think you have any), or paying way too much on your taxes due to the wrong business entity setup.
In this module of LIFT you will discover how to put all the necessary legal structures in place to ensure you have clear agreements with everyone you work with, protect yourself and your family, and bring you peace of mind knowing that everything is set up exactly as it should be ... for your stage of life and business. 
Put your legal structures in place and start earning more money immediately because now you've created the container to hold and support what you are creating … you'll immediately start enrolling higher quality clients because you're showing up to your engagement conversations more powerfully, immediately send an easy to say yes to agreement after your engagement conversation, and get payment collected with ease.  

No more random hiring, partnering without clear agreements, or risking your relationships because you haven't entered into relationships without an agreement process that clarifies who you want to work with, and how. The cost of failed relationships is the single greatest cost to you of being in business - it doesn't just cost you money, but belief in yourself, trust in humanity, and it doesn't have to be this way. Stop the turnover in your relationships and find your "lifers" -- the people who are going to do life and business with you for years to come. 

When you join LIFT and go through this Legal Module of LIFT, you will:
  • Choose the correct business structure for you - no more asking on social media whether you should have an S-Corp or an LLC -- to create the foundation to fast track and maximize your success, and you will 10’s of 1000’s of dollars on your taxes each year… (Yes, the legal structure and location of your business is THAT important!)
  • ​Get the secrets to structure your business, your relationships and your agreements best so that you attract fully aligned clients, contractors and employees, can charge higher fees, ensure you get paid, and protect both your business and your relationships.
  • ​Learn exactly how to protect your logos, ideas, and brand in the form of Trademarks and Copyrights without breaking the bank… (it’s actually easier than you might think).
  • ​Everything you must know and discuss before entering into an agreement so that you’re not at risk, have a crystal clear communication and ensure a win-win enjoyable relationship for everyone involved whether it be employees, partners, or clients… (this is essential to protecting your relationships and your reputation)
When you implement what you learn in this module -- whether you do it yourself or use what you learn to hire the right lawyer to work with you (and, yes, we'll help you find the right lawyer too when you are ready to hire a trusted legal advisor) --  you’ll trust yourself more, understand the legal workings of a real company, and have all the tools and training to put a rock-solid legal foundation in place for your business that enables you to grow your income, make a bigger impact, and trust your business to take care of you and the people you love.

Get the Right Types and Amounts of Insurance Without Getting Ripped Off or Breaking The Bank

(Affordably Protect You, Your Family, Your Clients, Your Team, Your Business and Your Cashflow so You Know You’re Taken Care of and Supported in any Situation)

Many people hate insurance or avoid it all together because they don’t understand the value it can bring to their life and business or they think it’s a waste of money. The fact is, it can be a waste of money if you get the wrong kind of insurance, don’t have enough, or have too much.
Having the right insurance in place when something happens can mean the difference between your business continuing to flourish and it getting wiped out all together... and if you’re committed to creating a big impact in the world and creating the lifestyle for yourself you really want it’s important to ensure you can do that for the long term.
When you get the right insurance in place it allows you to relax and focus on what really lights you up within your business because you know you’re covered… and it shows up to take care of challenging situations when you need it most.

When you join LIFT and watch or listen to the trainings in this module you will discover:
  • Discover the 3 specific types of insurance you must have that most business owners overlook that could easily save you and your family a whole lot of money, grief and heartache without much additional cost.
  • Get the real deal information about life insurance to protect your family, business, clients and business partners, including the straight-forward, no-nonsense information about liability insurance, worker’s comp insurance, business insurance, property insurance and more.  
  • ​Learn everything you need to know to avoid insurance agents who care more about their commission than they do about you… including how to have conversations with potential agents to ensure you get the best fit and the #1 most important question you must ask before you choose a policy to make sure you get right insurance to cover your needs. 
  • ​How to get the right kind and amount of life insurance without question so that you have peace-of-mind knowing that your family, business, clients, and team will all be taken care of should anything happen to you.
When you complete this module of LIFT you’ll have a clear understanding and crystal clarity on all the different types of insurances you can benefit from as a business owner, how to find the best insurance agent to get you set up, and how to ensure you’re getting the best coverage for the best price. 

Financial Rhythms, Flows, Systems and Structures:
Truly Understand Your Money, Stop Obsessing About It, And Get Intimate With It -- In All the Right Ways

(Implement My Proven Financial Tracking Systems That You Can Rely on to Confidently Make All the Important Money Decisions in Your Life and Business.)

Imagine having your cashflow forecasting dialed in so much that you can predict, within a couple hundred dollars, how much money will be in your bank accounts 6 months from now…

And imagine the relaxation in your nervous system when you have a clear picture of your business financials and cashflow, and know you have the team in place to support you, who has your best interests at heart.

That’s exactly what you’ll learn and begin implementing when you go through Module 4 of the LIFT program, and use my templates, tools and strategies.

In the Financial Systems module you will:
  • Learn the specific numbers you need to look at each and every week, why they are important, what they tell you about your business and how to use them to make make rapid course corrections, overcome future challenges in advance, and easily plan for big projects, personal savings, family vacations, and large investments… (this will also help you hire the right people at the Andie right time)
  • Set up the exact reports to be looking at each month and learn how to read them, where to get them, and what they tell you about the financial health of your business for enough in advance that you have time to do something about it and never get yourself into financial trouble again. 
  • ​Use a simple system for pricing your products and services so you position yourself for higher fees, more committed clients and zero refund requests… plus get more clients, earn more profit and hit all of your financial objectives while never having to wonder if you left money on the table.
  • ​Literally everything you need to know about credit, how to clean up your credit score and use your great credit score wisely.
This is truly my favorite module, and worth many times your investment in the whole program all by itself.

I take you behind the scenes with my personal CFO and my bookkeeping team -- and show you exactly what I look at weekly and monthly to track the financials for my two companies, my one personal business entity, and my personal financials too. 

I show you exactly how I work with my bookkeeper, so you can train your bookkeeper to work with you in the right way too. 

When you implement what you learn in the Financial Systems module, you’ll have a crystal clear picture of your business income, expenses and cashflow, you’ll have clarity and peace of mind on all of your financials and you’ll have the systems in place to make wise decisions that you can trust.

Plus, once you get all of this in place you’re able to relax and release all the doubt, worry or fear about your cashflow because everything will be tracked properly and you’ll be able to see and resolve future challenges way in advance. This one module is worth many times the entire investment in the program!

Simple, Effective, Understandable Tax Strategies to
Keep More Cash in Your Hands 

(Learn Legal Tax Deductions & Tax Strategies You’ve Likely Never Heard Of)

Taking care of your taxes doesn’t need to be a scary, unknown, or frustrating experience, and with what you learn in the Tax Strategies module of LIFT you’ll actually have a whole new view on taxes and all the strategies designed to help you WIN as a business owner! Yes, there are so many strategies and programs out there designed to help you win and when you discover what they are and how to take advantage of them you’ll likely be surprised and excited to get all the benefits.

Thanks to what Erin learned from the tax strategies part of LIFT, she’s going to save $30,000 minimum on her taxes this year. Here’s what’s crazy, she followed what I teach, asked her CPA for a “pro forma projection” on what she was going to owe, and then was able to go back to him and show HIM a better way to structure things to save her even more.
If you want to keep more of your hard-earned money in your own pockets here’s what you’ll get in the Tax Strategies module of LIFT:
  • Learn how to use tax planning to fund your business growth and keep more money in your pocket as well as an easy to implement strategy that can save you at least $9k per year on your taxes.
  • Discover how to find and work with a tax team that won’t just file your taxes each year, but will be your tax strategist guiding you throughout the growth of your business and life so that you know you’re in good hands, are making the right decisions, and creating the best results.
  • ​Get the step-by-step conversation framework and questions to ask when hiring a tax professional to ensure they’re going to be the best fit for you and your company so that you hire the right person who understands your business and industry and has your best interests at heart.
  • ​Learn a multitude of legal tax deductions you’re likely not taking right now and how to leverage them so that you keep more profit in your company. 
When you complete the Tax Strategies module you’ll have the knowledge to feel confident when it comes to your taxes… You’ll know the questions to ask a new advisor (or your current one) to ensure you’re getting the best results, taking advantage of all the legal deductions you're qualified for, and utilizing top cutting edge strategies to reduce your tax bill and keep more money in your business.

All The Training, Coaching And Support You Need To Get Your Legal, Insurance, Financial and Tax Systems In Place So You Have A Solid Business Foundation That Empowers You To Make A Big Impact, Earn A Consistent Income, And Experience Peace Of Mind…

6 LIFT Training Modules: When you join the LIFT training and coaching program you get immediate access to all of the content in the 6 training modules that I described above, delivered in bite size pieces.

You’ll get over 40 training videos covering all the topics, (including the audio and transcripts of each video), and downloads of all the important legal, insurance, financial and tax documents you’ll need to run and grow your business.

As soon as you join the LIFT training and coaching program you’ll receive a unique username and password to login to your online learning portal that you can access from anywhere in the world, anytime you want. You’ll get immediate access to all of the training modules and bonus content so that you can learn at your own pace and skip directly to the content that is most relevant to you.
Private Members Forum: As a member in the LIFT program you'll be part of a community of small business owners and professionals who are committed to doing business with their eyes wide open.

This is a place to connect with other members, with our team of coaches and trainers, and directly with me for additional support, questions and guidance in getting your LIFT systems set up in your business so that you keep moving forward, making your impact and growing your income.

My private clients pay me a minimum of $33,000 to work with me privately, but you get direct access to me as part of your investment in the LIFT Training Program ... for 90 days, as part of the free 3-month trial we give you in Eyes Wide Open: the Membership(regularly $297/mo, but yours included with LIFT for 3 months).
Lifetime Access: When you join LIFT today, you get lifetime access to the training modules + all future updates, which means you can learn at your own pace, save some content for later and always have access to LIFT when you have questions or challenges arise in your business down the road.

Having LIFT in your back pocket and always accessible as you grow your business, create more agreements, and hire more team is a priceless asset!
 "I want to say "Thank You!" for the LIFT program. I used the Client Agreement when I first started offering group programs last September and I'm happy to report that being clear in the agreement about not offering refunds has gotten me out of at least one potentially sticky situation. Someone was unable to start the program after signing up and paying but because I'd defined that refunds aren't possible (but they can join the next run of the program or transfer the place to another person, if we mutually agree), I didn't have to have that awkward conversation when the situation surfaced."

- Sook Han Lee

"I've completed LIFT and wow, what a powerful course. I never thought that meeting with an accountant could bring such a feeling of joy and clarity but I now know that I’m leading my business, aware of my numbers and on a solid foundation… Agreements are in place, minutes done, and bookkeeper set. I just wanted to say thank you. I feel the solidness of the foundation and that my business is something I can lean into as a support structure for me. I'm an attorney who has drafted agreements and taught contract drafting at Stanford, and I’m definitely using some of your templates and have incorporated pieces directly into my client and my contractor templates. I can't wait to recommend your work to my clients."

 - Jeanine Becker
Leadership, Collaboration & Negotiation Consultant

"Your work around partnership agreements has transformed my business and it just keeps getting better and better and better. Every time I turn around in my business I find a new way to apply LIFT!! You are an infinite blessing in my life Ali and I’m TRULY DEEPLY grateful!"

 - Amethyst Wyldfyre
Spiritual Advisor, Shaman, Sound Healer & Artist

"I invested in the LIFT program because I knew there was a gap in my knowledge around all the legal, insurance, financials, and tax side of my business. I was a bit skeptical at first because I'm from Canada and I wasn't sure how much of the information would apply to my Canadian business. Luckily I just dove in and I'm so glad I did because Ali opened my eyes and helped me to really see the bigger picture.
Before LIFT I was taking unsolicited advice from people in my life who don't run businesses, and it wasn't bad advice for a consumer but for a business owner it didn't make sense. Because of the advice in the program, I had enough information to hire the right people to help me grow my business and take care of the important LIFT pieces. More importantly, I was able to save so much on my taxes these past two years because I knew what I was doing. Thanks so much Ali! I keep going back to the program every year as my business grows and I'm ready for the next step!

- Nathalie Lussier
Online Marketing Strategist

"Even though I had been in business for many, many years, the legal and financial element of running my company had often felt intimidating to me. Even when I knew what to do, I didn’t know how to get started or who to work with. From the moment I read over the transcripts for the first time, I started implementing Ali’s wise advice. Today, some months later, I have a business that stands on a solid foundation and I have a newly found deep sense of peace because I can see exactly where my business is going and I've got the resources to lead it fearlessly. Thank you Ali for shedding light into the dark corners of MY business."

-Christiane Holbrook
CEO & Launch Strategist

"If I would have had LIFT in my business right from the beginning, I would have made far more money and saved myself hundreds of thousands of dollars in mistakes. If you are serious about building yourself a sustainable, profitable business, LIFT is a necessary ingredient."

-JJ Virgin
Celebrity Health Expert | Four-Time NY Times Bestselling Author CEO & Launch Strategist

"One of the best investments in myself and my business was purchasing LIFT and joining Allie and the Eyes Wide Open community. I joined because I had a growing business and was afraid of taxes, financials and insurance. The LIFT tools helped me understand how to build a solid business foundation. Allie and the Eyes Wide Open community gave me the support to make personal and business decisions with more confidence and grace. My biggest transformation is that I am no longer afraid of money. I know how to value my time, energy, creativity and vision and I know I can create what I need when I need it. I’m not afraid to talk to my CPA, create agreements with employees and clients and make decisions knowing the numbers with my eyes wide open. I have more clarity and tools to continue to do what I love and serve my community. If you want to take your life and your business to a new level I highly recommend Allie."

-Wendy Ramirez
Founder & CEO | Spanish Sin Pena

Your Investment to Join LIFT Today

When you join LIFT you’re going to get the training, coaching and support to turn your business into an asset that you can trust and rely on to make an impact in the world and pay you a consistent reliable income. You’re going to learn all the legal, insurance, financial and tax systems to create a solid business foundation that will last for the long term and give you peace of mind. And you’re going to put all the structures in place that will allow you to have certainty, clarity and confidence in yourself and your decisions as you grow your business. 
What will having clarity on all your numbers, metrics and cashflow do for your peace of mind?

How much easier and more enjoyable will it be to grow your company while having a consistent monthly income you can rely on?

And how much more will you trust yourself, your business and your cashflow when you have a solid foundation in place with crystal clarity on the future?

That’s exactly what we’ll be working on when you join me and my team in LIFT by implementing the simple proven systems, structures and processes to make growing your business, making your impact, and increasing your income step-by-step simple!

Working with me privately starts at $33,000 on the low end and clients happily invest that amount and greater because they see the value in what I offer and get a positive ROI pretty quickly.
I could easily charge over $10,000 for LIFT (and if I had a sales team to enroll you, rather than inviting you to join from a sales page), and it would be totally worth it because implementing even just one strategy shared in the LIFT training has the potential to save you that much or more… either on your taxes, by hiring the right people, having clear agreements, avoiding lawsuits, managing your cashflow or many other strategies.

When you implement LIFT systems in your business, even at a $10,000 investment this program pays for itself very quickly.

However, like I imagine you do, I feel called to serve and support more people in the world and make a bigger difference… 

So the investment for LIFT is just $5,555 (less than $1k for each of the 5 focus areas of time/mind mastery, legal systems, insurance, financial structures and tax strategies) or, if necessary for your cash flow management, we'll finance the investment in LIFT for you -- and you can join me in LIFT for just 3 monthly payments of $1852 each.

100% "No Fail" Confidence Guarantee

To help you make a confident decision we have a "no fail" confidence guarantee. When you go through the modules, attend the live calls and participate in the online community, we guarantee you will have the tools and support to get the LIFT systems implemented in your business so that you have a strong foundation to grow from, and that you'll feel more confident in yourself and your decisions moving forward.

If at the end of the program you don't feel more confident about running your business, and satisfied that we delivered on our promise simply send us an email explaining how you used the program, the results you experienced (or didn't experience), and where you're needing the support and we'll connect you to the expert coach on our team who will personally work with you to help you understand and apply the material so you get the systems in place and have more confidence and peace of mind to make your impact and grow your income.

Get These Additional Bonuses When You Join Now

When you take action now and join me and my team in the LIFT Program you’re also going to get access to these additional high-value support bonuses to give you everything you need to start, build, grow and scale your business.
SUPPORT BONUS #1: Eyes Wide Open: the Membership Including ... Weekly Coaching Support + Private Member's Forum for 90 Days ... to Support Your Immediate Implementation With Direct Access and Guidance
With your 90-days of Eyes Wide Open: the Membership, you'll receive weekly group coaching support directly from me + the Eyes Wide Open Faculty, including my personal CFO, Robert Kandell, my personal family ancestral healing constellation therapist, Lexi Soulious and other hand-picked faculty who will provide you with direct support to learn, grow and evolve in your life and business too.

You'll also have immediate access to the private member's support forum for 24/7 support from an amazing community of founders, entrepreneurs, coaches, practitioners, small business owners, creatives and service-based professionals who are committed to living life and building their business with their eyes wide open. The connections you make here alone can be worth the entire investment in the program.

If you choose to remain in Eyes Wide Open: the Membership after the 90 days, you will have access to this otherwise closed program.

SUPPORT BONUS #2: The Money Map To Freedom - $2,997 Value (if you need to create your income model or uplevel the income model you have right now)
With your 90-days of Eyes Wide Open: the Membership, you'll receive weekly  this bonus training you’ll discover the proven money map process and tools that will empower you to transform your relationship to money and build an income you can count on while doing your most meaningful, impactful work in the world.

You’ll gain more clarity on your financial situation than ever before, get crystal clear on where you want to be and build a customized roadmap to get you there as quickly as possible. 

When you go through this course you’ll learn the 4 main income models for business, which one is best for you and the exact right marketing strategies, enrollment/intake structures, and team support that will fast track your success and grow your bank account.
If you’ve ever gotten overwhelmed with too many ideas, had too many strategies, or felt too much uncertainty about where to focus next this program will be your solution to getting your money and income dialed in so that you have the time, money and freedom you really want.
BONUS #3: The Profitable Pricing & Packaging Program - $1,997 Value (if you need to create your ideal intake/enrollment structure with pricing and packaging that works for you and your clients)
Have you ever wondered, “how much should I charge?” or worried about choosing the wrong price and either missing out on potential clients or leaving cash on the table?

In this 4 module training course you’ll discover how to offer your products and services with the right pricing, best packaging, and most effective enrollment structure so that your ideal clients are attracted to you and say “yes” to hiring you.

When you go through this program you’ll clearly clarify the outcome you provide, who you serve, and how much the market values what you offer and you’ll learn how to create multiple offers for what you do that position you for higher profits and more clients.
You’ll also learn how to create a solid proposal template, choose profitable price points, and position yourself in the marketplace so that you attract high-quality clients that are eager to work with you.

Plus you’ll get access to 2 powerful templates you can use for your offers so that you can get more high quality clients at more profitable prices.
BONUS #4: 15 Step-by-Step Implementation Maps - $997 Value (If you want to hand off implementation of LIFT to an assistant instead of handling everything yourself)
These step-by-step guides will support you to take immediate action on everything you learn in the LIFT program to get your systems implemented easily, effectively and as inexpensively as possible. They’re designed as a simple framework you can follow yourself or quickly hand over to a key assistant to take care of them for you.

With this bonus you get the easy to follow guides for setting up & maintaining your business entity, establishing employment policies & procedures that protect you and your business, and scoring your brand and intellectual property. You also get detailed walk throughs of how to obtain the best quotes for every kind of insurance you’ll want, hire and train your bookkeeper and business manager, and gain funding for your business. Plus a whole lot more.
These 15 step-by-step implementation maps will make getting your LIFT systems and structures set up in your business much easier and faster.
BONUS #5: 7 Hiring Guides & Conversation Frameworks For Bringing On The Right Advisors - $997 Value (if you want to hire the right advisors to support you and your business)
Hiring a bookkeeper, insurance professional, lawyer, accountant, financial advisor or other professional can be a big decision… and it’s one that will have a significant financial impact on you so choosing the right person is essential.

Many people avoid hiring outside professionals because they’re worried about the expense, don’t want to admit that they need the support, or they worry about hiring the wrong person… and may others hire the wrong professional who isn’t the best fit for their business because they want to quickly pass the responsibility to someone else, but this ends up costing them in the long term.
When you join LIFT and access to this bonus you’ll get these 7 templates that outline the exact questions and answers to use and look for when talking to or hiring advisors for your business (CPA, bookkeeper, lawyer, banker, merchant account provider, etc). With these templates and scripts you’ll never feel lost, stupid or insecure in those conversations ever again and you’ll find the right person who is the best fit for your business.

Imagine how supported you’ll feel when you have the right team in place and, based on your conversations, you know they have your best interests at heart and have your back for growing your business. Say “good bye” to doing it all on your own!
BONUS #5: The Iron-Clad Agreement Creation Formula - $497 Value
Many coaches, practitioners and service based entrepreneurs fail to make clean and clear agreements with their clients and team members… they take on clients and team with verbal agreements only and this leaves them at risk of clients not paying or backing out of deals, and to employees or contractors suing or taking off with their intellectual property…I get it, making a clear agreement, writing it up and getting a signed contract can seem like a lot of work… but it’s work that will save you a ton of time, effort, energy and money in the long term as well as protect you and everyone involved.
When you join LIFT today you’ll get access to this training where you’ll get the outline and template to create a solid foundation of every agreement. You’ll learn the right questions to ask and the answers to look for in order to decide whether any project, client, team member or contractor is a “go” or “no-go” which will save you time, energy, attention and money.

With this agreement creation template and formula you’ll have confidence in yourself and your ability to have conversations that create clear agreements between you and everyone involved so that you’re all on the same page, know what is expected of each other and are protected by the contract.

This bonus alone, when you use it for one single agreement, could very well be worth way more than the entire investment in the LIFT program.
BONUS #6: Recording of the "Practical Magic" 3-Year Strategic Planning Workshop - $497 Value (if you want to use magic + action to get clear on your exact next steps)
The "practical magic" strategic vision mapping process was responsible for my rapid acceleration in my first 3 years in business -- from just going out on my own to 7-figures in just 3 years.

Then, over the last 3-years, using this same process, I was able to take my business from a $250,000 valuation (after having worked on it for over ten years) to a $15,745,000 valuation. 

The clients I have taken through this process have been able to collapse time because of their new found clarity and watch their 3 year visions happen in just one year, again and again.
We call this practical magic because it's the perfect blend of manifestation + magic and the practical, grounded action steps that bring your dreams and visions into reality ...
BONUS #6: Time Mastery - $497 Value
Have you ever felt like there just wasn’t enough time to accomplish everything you wanted to do while still having a life? If you have and you want to learn how to increase your productivity, decrease your distractions and get hyper focused on what really matters this course will show you how.

In this bonus you’ll learn how to use a proven time blocking strategy and time-management system to protect your personal time while also allowing enough of it to reach your business and financial goals. 

You’ll discover where you’re wasting time and how to stop the leaks so that you can be extremely efficient and productive towards what you want to create…
BONUS #6: 1-on-1 LIFT Audit & Assessment - $1,250 Value (to have your existing legal, insurance, financial and tax systems evaluated by a lawyer or LIFT Business Advisor, trained in the LIFT Systems)
If you’ve ever wanted to talk to someone directly who understands all the aspects of LIFT and can give you the exact information and direction you need, you’re going to love this bonus.

When you join the program you’re also going to get a 1-on-1 personal LIFT Audit and Assessment of your legal, insurance, financial and tax systems from a lawyer in my network of Family Business Lawyers who is trained and understands how all the aspects relate to each other so that you have the best guidance and action plan moving forward.
You’ll get all your specific questions answered and have somebody who “gets it”, there by your side, to map out your best plan forward.
BONUS #7: 30+ Customizable Legal Templates, Contracts & Agreements - $4,997 Value (Worth Your Entire Investment in the LIFT Training Program)
If you’ve ever gone to a lawyer to help you create a contractual agreement you know that the investment can easily be 4 or 5 figures for each agreement. Well when you join LIFT you’re going to get access to over 30 customizable legal templates that will help you protect your business, prevent misunderstandings, and ensure clear communication with clients, contractors, employees, affiliates and partners.

Imagine having a file folder with almost every agreement you’ll ever need including a list of potential amendments and clauses depending on your situation.
That’s what you get when you join LIFT. You’ll get client agreements, joint venture agreements, shareholder agreements, employee & contractor agreements, releases for film, media & interviews, and agreements for licensing, copyright, & IP. You’ll also get disclaimer templates, terms of service agreements, corporate resolutions and non-disclosure agreements… Plus so many more!

And these are not just RocketLawyer or LegalZoom agreements, but actual agreements I've paid to have created for my own businesses or personally drafted myself for my private clients. 

Hiring a lawyer to craft all of these agreements for you could easily cost in excess of $10,000 or more, and you get them all as my gift to you when you join the LIFT program today.

If you’re an entrepreneur, founder, coach, practitioner, artist, or service-based professional and you want to be 100% confident in your business structures and systems, I invite you to join me in the LIFT program now.
If you don’t currently trust yourself when it comes to your business -- or have crystal clarity on the best path forward to grow your business --  now is the time to make the decision to join me in LIFT, and change that forever.
When you say “yes” to yourself and your future by joining me in LIFT, you’re going to get instant access to all 5 training modules (time/mindset, legal, insurance, financial systems) where you’ll get all of the training you need to be absolutely confident in your business structures and systems, whether you DIY or hire (and even train) the right advisors to work with you. 

You’ll have access to the LIFT training for life -- including all future upgrades -- so you can refer back to it again and again throughout every stage of your life and business. Plus, for 90 days, you'll have direct access to me and my team as part of Eyes Wide Open: the Membership at no additional investment. 
You’re also going to get access to 6 LIFT-specific group coaching calls with me where you’ll get access to me 1-on-1 in the group environment to get all of your questions answered so that you can move forward quickly and take yourself and your business to the next level.
When you complete the program and bonuses you’ll have the pricing and packaging of your programs clarified and optimized to be most attractive to potential clients and more profitable for you… you’ll have the templates, spreadsheets and systems in place for all of your financials so that you always have a clear picture of what’s going on in your business and can make the best, most strategic decisions you can rely on and feel confident about… and you’ll have the legal, insurance and tax systems set up in your business so that you’re fully protected, well taken care of if anything bad happens, and keep more cash in your pockets.
Anyone that implements the strategies you’ll learn in the LIFT training and coaching program sets themselves and their business up for long term sustainable success. These strategies work and when you use them you’ll have the rock-solid business foundation that empowers you to make a big impact, earn and grow a consistent and reliable income, and fully trust yourself and your decisions as you grow your company.
I’ve shown you how powerful these strategies have been for me, the results other people have gotten, and they will work for you too… and with my 100% no-fail confidence guarantee you’re protected, safe and guaranteed to get results
It’s been said that in your moments of decision your destiny is shaped, and now it’s time for you to make a decision. A decision to keep doing what you’ve been doing in the past, which you probably already know will keep creating the results you’ve been getting, or a decision to take action now, join the LIFT program and change your results for ever. When you do, you won’t be alone. My team and I will be there to support you through the entire process and you’ll be taking the journey with an engaged group of peers and other people on a similar journey as you.
I invite you to make the decision now to join me in the program and make the commitment to build the solid business foundation that fully supports you and your work in the world.
Simply choose the payment option below that works best for you, click the button, fill in your information, hit submit and I’ll see you on the inside!
                                                           or 3 payments of $1852
If you’re an entrepreneur, founder, CEO, small business owner, coach, practitioner, creative or service based professional and you know it's time to fully trust yourself & your decisions, make a big impact & consistent income, and have more confidence in yourself and your business than you ever have before then take action now and join the LIFT program.

When you do you’ll be welcomed with open arms and fully supported to get all of the important legal, insurance, financial and tax systems set up in your business so that you can say goodbye to imposter syndrome, step into your role as CEO of your life and business, and build a legitimate company that takes care of you for the long term.

Registration in LIFT with all of the bonuses is only open for a very limited time so click the button now to reserve your spot in the program and get access to over $14,000 in additional support programs!

You asked, we answered.

Is the LIFT Program right for me?

If you are ready to feel confident about legal, insurance, financial and tax matters (including hiring the right advisors or doing what you can yourself), as a business owner, practitioner, service professional, or freelancer this course was literally made for you! 

In the LIFT Training Program, you’ll receive an education you will not get anywhere else (other than if you were to invest millions in trial and error or keep yourself unnecessarily small), along with the tools, templates, contracts, spreadsheets, and explicit guidance that you need to step into your role as the CEO of your life and business.

What if I’m just starting my business or don’t have a business yet?

Don’t be fooled by thinking your business isn’t “big enough yet.” The LIFT program is the education you need so that as you build your business, you’re doing it with the pillars of legal, insurance, financial and tax systems supporting you right from the start. 

And, if you have been in business for a while, it’s also not too late. As soon as you are ready to take yourself seriously as a business owner, and a creator of the economy, LIFT is the right next step for you.

Can’t I just hire someone to do this for me?

Well, you can try to do that. But, how will you know if they are handling it for you correctly? I created the LIFT Training Program because even though I graduated first in my class from law school, and worked for 3 years at Charlie Munger’s law firm handling complex tax transactions for Warren Buffett and crew, I could not tell if the legal, insurance, financial and tax advisors were doing what I needed for me the right way. And, far too often, they weren’t. But, I only found out when it was too late and it had cost me thousands, tens of thousands or critical relationships, or worst of all, my confidence.

Does this course apply to me if I’m not in the United States?

It does! While there are a few aspects of the LIFT program specific to the United States (like some of the specifics regarding business entities and tax returns), the rest is applicable wherever you are building your business. 

95%+ of the LIFT Program applies to you no matter where you live in the world, and though we don’t make any guarantees about the applicability of every single resource to countries outside the U.S, we have many customers from all over the world, who have gotten huge value from the program.

I need a referral to a [CPA, Trademark Lawyer, Bookkeeper, etc.] -- can’t you just send me to someone? 

Yes, when you join the LIFT Training Program, I’ll open my hard-won rolodex with the best of the best CPAs, Lawyers, Insurance Professionals, Bookkeepers, Financial Advisors. And, better yet, I’ll teach you how to work with them so you get the most from the relationship and so you minimize the cost of those relationships because you are going in educated and Eyes Wide Open.

All of this legal, insurance, financial and tax stuff makes me want to puke!

I get it... Legal, insurance, financial and tax might not be the sexiest thing out there… but you know what is sexy??? Having a rock solid business foundation with all the systems and structures to systematically grow your company, make a big impact, and earn a consistent reliable income… all while having peace of mind and confidence in yourself as a real-deal business owner. 

I’m busy! How much time will this take?

As much, or as little, time as you’d like, you can binge watch all the content in a weekend, or take it one module at a time. We will also have some surprise invites to bonus calls with the other Eyes Wide Open faculty, and those are optional, so you attend only if you can and it’s valuable for you. 

You’ll have the LIFT program forever, including all of the updates we make in the future, so you can take it as slow or as fast as you’d like, and revisit it on an as needed basis over the years to come.

We have weekly Eyes Wide Open Coaching calls, and all calls are recorded and available to you in the Coaching Call Archive to watch at a later date, if you cannot make the live calls.

What if I don’t have a bookkeeper or CPA?

Don’t worry! We can help you find the advisors who are right for you and train you on the tools and systems that empower you to work with them effectively. 

I don’t have the money up front for the LIFT Training Program.

If you don’t have the available cash to invest in LIFT right now, focus on your income model and what you are offering. Maybe before investing in LIFT, you need to invest in our Enough Course or the Money Map to Freedom so you can learn to earn what you need, when you need it, on demand. Learning to generate is the first step in your Journey to Financial Liberation.

Once you’ve learned to generate, it’s time to learn to steward what you’re generating, so you can expand the container to create and flow more through you.

And, if you’ve already learned to generate, then generate what you need to invest in LIFT and begin to expand your capacity for more.

Can I extend my Eyes Wide Open Membership after the 90 day trial is over?

YES. You’ll have the opportunity to remain with us at 50% of the regular, stand-alone investment in Eyes Wide Open: the Membership for one week after your 90-day trial expires. 

Is there a guarantee that the program will work for me?

We have a “no fail” confidence guarantee. When you go through the modules, attend the live calls and participate in the online community, we guarantee you will feel more confident in yourself and your business when it comes to the legal, insurance, financial and tax matters you deal with as a business owner. If you don’t, one of my expert coaches will personally work with you to help you understand and apply the material so you get the systems in place and have more confidence and peace of mind to make your impact and grow your income. 

Have More Questions?
We're Here and Ready to Support.

My team and I are happy to answer any questions you have about the program, coaching sessions, bonuses or registration process. We are here to fully support you to step into your next level of confidence as CEO of your life & business . If you have any questions at all you can click the chat box in the bottom right hand side of this page to connect with someone right now or you can email us at support@eyeswideopenlife.com and we’ll be happy to answer your questions, so you can make an eyes wide open decision.

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